Yao Ming visits bears! Worlds collide!  »

Dating an NBA fanboy has its perks: I know who Yao Ming is! He’s a 7’6” kid who came from China to America with a simple dream: Make millions playing professional basketball. He did that and more — Yao went to the NBA playoffs four times with the Houston Rockets, among other accomplishments, before he retired last year.

I know what you’re thinking: Why is this relevant, Sarah? Well, our friend Yao, a WildAid ambassador, went to visit some bears rescued from bile farms at the Animals Asia sanctuary in Chengdu, China. He even petted Belton Kleberg (how’s that for a stately bear name?), a three-legged bear who had been illegally trapped in the wild before ending up on a bile farm and undergoing the "free drip" method of bile extraction—he got a little bear manicure from Yao during a health check. Yao  also visited bears at the fence line, and the graveyard (cue all the tears of baby Jesus).

Pretty rad, Yao! Your visit will hopefully make people more aware of the bile bear’s plight and join the bear army. Let’s get this shit trending on Twitter, by the way: #beararmy

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