Adopting A Cat Could Save Your Life!!!  »

Meet Pudding! Pudding is an international hero! Pudding is a cat if you couldn’t tell!

Pudding had a big week last week! One day, he’s stuck in an animal shelter in Wisconsin, and then a lady named Amy and her son Ethan come and take him home. All’s going well, Pudding’s settling in, sniffing the corners, rubbing stuff, pigging out on cat food, meowing (presumably). Then the humans go to bed, and Amy starts having a diabetic seizure in her sleep! That very night! ACK! MEOW!

Pudding, being a secret super-hero, jumps on Amy and nudges at her face long enough to wake her up a little. Then she yells for Ethan, who is, ALAS, sound asleep. Not to fear good citizens, Pudding’s on the case! He leaps off the bed, maybe doing that cute skidding thing cats do on hardwood floors, runs to Ethan’s room, and bugs him until he awakens and uses his thumbs and English skills to call for professional medical assistance! 

Lassie shoulda been a cat.

Also: Insurance companies should cover pet adoption.

Also: What’s the best thing your cat’s ever done? 

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