All-vegan Cupcake Wars episode this Sunday!  »

This Sunday, March 4, there’s an ALL VEGAN episode of Cupcake Wars!

They say, “In the first ever Cupcake Wars all-vegan showdown, four vegan bakers fight to have their cupcakes at the opening day celebration for the inaugural Los Angeles Green Festival.” 

Woo! So exciting! Now give vegans a regular cooking show! Preferably starring Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Chloe Coscarelli living in a tree house together with a bear and a squirrel. Also, they’re always having a tea party and I’m in the background eating all the food and waving at my mom. PLENTY MORE IDEAS WHERE THAT CAME FROM. Call me!

[Perhaps someone will make Sarah’s Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes and take home the gold? People with cable will find out this Sunday!]

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