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It’s Paul Shapiro's Animal News You Can Use! Woohoo!

First, some good news: Wolfgang Puck—perhaps the world’s most famous chef—sent a letter to thousands of California’s high-end restaurants urging them to support the state’s upcoming ban on selling foie gras (effective July). In the immortal words of Billy Madison, that’s quacktastic!

Now for bad news: The Iowa legislature has sent a bill to the governor that, if signed into law, would essentially ban our undercover investigations at factory farms. The Des Moines Register editorialized against the bill, saying if it passes, “whistle-blowers could be fined or jailed for telling the truth.” The Iowa City Press-Citizen also called on Gov. Terry Branstad to get out his veto pen, dubbing it the “Kill the Messenger Bill.” Indeed, there are constitutionality concerns, and Iowans can urge the governor to veto through this HSUS page.

Pork Magazine reports on HSUS’s shareholder resolution calling on Tim Hortons restaurant chain to do better when it comes to the treatment of animals in its supply chain, as did dozens of Canadian media outlets, like the Toronto Star.

Video of the week: A rescued pig sitting for treats! Bonus video: Know any Jews you think should care about farm animals? Here’s a new video I made for them.

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