Bourgeois Boheme is giving Vegansaurus readers 10% off! Huzzah!  »

Hey Vegansaurus pals! Guess what I’ve got for you! The awesome U.K. vegan store Bourgeois Boheme is giving us 10 percent off our orders for the months of March and April! Just enter the code VegansaurusBobo at checkout!

If you don’t remember, I actually visited the BB store on my fabulous trip to London a little while ago. I got some super great shoes that everybody compliments me on! Oh boy, do I like compliments. 

It looks like the store has only gotten better. They have these great little icons to help you with your ethics!:

And I’m happy to see they are carrying Melissa now! These are so cute:

And Melissa is making shoes for men now? Awesome!:

I don’t know why but I love driving shoes. Right? They are so classy and not at all as unnecessary as they sound. 

Ok buddies! That is your Vegansaurus perk for now! I will keep looking out for deals in the future. Enjoy!

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