Screw McDonald’s: Ten vegan Shamrock Shake recipes!  »

I’ve never had a Shamrock Shake and I don’t really want one. I don’t like milkshakes anyway but this thing looks extra cray. But according to my friend Nell, Shamrock Shakes are all the rage! She was like, there’s got to be a better vegan version without all the icky chemicals. Well, here are some recipes that have popped up on the internets recently! I collected them all for you because I am so nice.

From Naturally Sweet Recipes:

From The Family Kitchen on Babble:

From Sometimes I Veg:

Another from Sometimes I Veg, healthy-looking:

FromĀ Pursuit of Hippieness:

A pale one from Sunny Vegan:

From Tia Tofu:

From the Sweet Tomato:

A kind of healthy raw one from Vital Juice:

And a mint chocolate chip one from Fork and Beans:

All right people, get your shake on!

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