Paul Shapiro presents: What’s up with ag-gag legislation!  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

I’m happy to report that ag-gag bills to ban our investigations are now dead in Illinois, Indiana, and Florida. (Other states still pending; latest press release here.)

We worked with Compass Group—the world’s largest food service provider, with 10,000 cafeterias in the US alone—to announce a policy to go 100 percent gestation crate-free. (Sample coverage here.)

In case your subscription of Pork Magazine hasn’t arrived in the mail yet, you can check out its latest editorial about HSUS’s work, “You are the Next Target.”

By now you know that the beef and pork industries are desperately trying to kill our federal bill to help laying hens. You may have also heard that some animal advocates have expressed concern about the bill. My response to one such essay is here.

You can follow Paul on Twitter at @pshapiro.

Video of the week: I’d like to think that our campaigns have the same kind of single-minded determination (and mad skills) that this dog has.

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