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That’s It. sent me some free samples of their fruit bars to try and now I will tell you all about them! If you like dried fruit, you will like these bars. Then again, if you don’t like dried fruit, you may still like these bars because they kind of taste like Fruit Roll-ups! They are like less sugary, thicker, healthier Fruit Roll-ups. 

Each That’s It. bar has two servings of fruit—and nothing else. Literally. My very favorite part is it tells you right on the wrapper like, “1 apple + 3 apricots in this bar”—that’s fun! I don’t know why. 

These make for a great snack and it feels nice, like you’re actually accomplishing something by getting two fruit servings at once! I don’t know if kids would like them as I have no kids to test them on but I think it is definitely worth a try. Not that people shouldn’t eat fresh fruit too, but this could replace all those various “bars.” Plus, you can throw a bunch in your bag and not worry about squishing them. I like that!

In addition to being vegan, they are kosher and gluten-free. You can purchase them on the That’s It. site!

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