Vegansaurus NYC: The Cinnamon Snail is going to be in the Flatiron district today! Hurrah!  »

New Jersey’s vegan food truck is coming to Manhattan today! I so don’t feel like going to Flatiron today but I might have to. Everybody says Cinnamon Snail is so good!

Here’s some details from their fb, pals:

Monday: Flat Iron District
Tuesday: Varick or Hudson St 
Wednesday: Midtown East 
Thursday: Financial District
Friday: Midtown West 50s
Saturday: Union Square Area
Sunday: Brooklyn

Most days are 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
All exact locations will be posted when we are parked. We are always open to suggestions for parking spots though.

According to the article, people are saying Flatiron doesn’t have good veg options but I used to work in that hood and Terri was my spot. I got all the boys eating there. Always good to have another option though! So, there you go, boys! You got a special Meatless Monday lined up! Enjoy!

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