Two things YOU MUST DO TODAY!  »

First, enter to win (the most delicious) Sticky Fingers Bakery treats over at VegNews! It’s a contest for World Vegetarian Day and so it’s TODAY ONLY SO DO IT TO IT!

Also, there is a Mission Minis deal on Joffer. You gotta sign up soon and there has to be 20 people. Or something. I’m not exactly sure how it works, to be honest. The point is, a dozen mini cupcakes for 10 bucks (33 percent savings on regular price! I LOVE A DEAL!) and although they have but one vegan cupcake, it is a dream. In fact, our sources tell us it is far superior to the “regular” ones. SO TAKE THAT, EGGS AND OTHER NON-VEGAN BULLSHIT. Anyway, be one of the first to order and order ‘em vegan so they know vegans be serious about our vegan baked goods and then they make and sell more vegan stuff and you get the idea. Oh also, they DELIVER!!! Party time! Excellent!

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