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Last weekend I saw four flavors of Almond Dream's new almond milk yogurts* sitting amid the other non-dairy yogurts in the active-cultures section of my local grocery store, all blue and adorable, and I immediately put one of each in my cart. Over the course of the week I ate them, took these photographs, and made careful notes, just for you.

First, vanilla. This was quite viscous, as evidenced by the total lack of dripping in the photo. The package says to stir before eating, which loosens it up and makes it seem less like an oval block of goo. It had a pleasant vanilla flavor (see the flecks?), but was way too sweet, like ice cream. There was basically no yogurt-y tang, which disappointed me, a person who grew up eating only plain, homemade cow’s milk yogurt.

Next, strawberry. There were a few bits of actual strawberry in it, and it had the standard strawberry yogurt pink color, but like the vanilla it was much too sweet.

Next, plain. It was sweet enough that I could see eating it like regular people eat vanilla yogurt, but the sugar didn’t totally overwhelm the tang of the cultures in the milk. Add a little vanilla to this and it would be your standard vanilla. The nutrition facts insist it contains as much sugar as the other flavors, but it didn’t taste like it, which was nice.

Finally, mixed berry. This was a deeper pink color than the strawberry, contained some berry bits, and allowed some yogurt—or berry—tang through the sugar. Very respectable.

In sum, Almond Dream brand almond milk yogurts are all too sweet, and a bit too thick, but they are absolutely edible. At least, the not-as-sweet ones. The vanilla and the strawberry are tooth-achingly sweet and I wouldn’t recommend them. However, I did buy more plain and mixed berry flavors to eat this week. I wouldn’t use the plain as a substitute for sour cream, as I have with other soy yogurts, but alone, mixed in smoothies or with fresh fruit, or put in the freezer for 30 minutes to make a semifreddo, they’d be quite good.

*Ridiculously, I can’t find a direct link to the product on the brand’s site. Get with it, Almond Dream.

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