Dude. We have over 40 BAKERS for the SF Vegan Bakesale! FORTY VEGAN BAKERS.  »

Like Kanye, our shit is so amazing. Alternately, THAT’S ALOTTA CANOLLI! Yes, there will be vegan canolli. And vegan whoopie pies. And vegan cinnamon rolls. And vegan cheesecake squares. And vegan gluten free brownies and cookies. And vegan non-gluten free brownies and cookies. And vegan pie. And vegan bike basket pies. AND HOLY CRAP, my pants just split! You hang on to that sexy, sexy image all day, perv.

So check out the adorbs poster and follow the SF Vegan Bakesale on twitter and you know, come to the damn event. And if you want to bake, volunteer, hang posters around your gayberhood, whatevs, you know who to do. I mean, what to do I HAVE A BOYFRIEND GOD.

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