Punk Rawk Lab cheeses coming to Rainbow!  »

San Francisco vegans, it’s a big week for us and it’s only Wednesday! IMAGINE WHAT THE REST OF THE WEEK HOLDS. Probably mainly disappointment but JUST IMAGINE! So, word on the streets is that Rainbow will start carrying Punk Rawk Labs vegan cheese next week and than said vegan cheese is like Dr. Cow vegan cheese but only better. And that’s not just us, that’s omni cheesperts (JUST MADE IT UP, PASS IT ON). It’s moister, tastier, and you get twice as much for the same price. That’s the word. Me, I don’t know, I always thought Dr. Cow tasted like a fart but there are lots of people who love the stink and want farts in the mouth, so who am I to judge? But seriously, you’re nasty.

Anyway, anyone tried it? Excited? Look for it next week at Rainbow Grocery!

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