Opinions needed: Help Design a Bay Area Vegetarian Restaurant  »

GreenBar is a vegetarian “fast casual restaurant” coming soon to the Bay Area. Apparently they haven’t even settled on which city they’ll be in yet, so the actual physical eating establishment is obviously a long ways off. But they are testing the waters right now to see what we want to eat. And leave your contact info for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card — as if you needed any incentive!

"If you could create your ideal fast casual vegetarian restaurant, what kinds of food would you want most to be on its menu?"

"Do you have any suggestions to improve the current vegetarian restaurants in the Bay Area?"

It’s too much all at once. I’ve got the shakes. SO MUCH TO SAY.

What’s on your vegan restaurant wish list? Biscuits and gravy? Waffles? Tempeh reuben? Chili cheese fries on top of pizza and deep fried? I know you have some opinions, it’s time to weigh in! For the good of our city!

Via Sharon at Vegan@Large.

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