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Saw hello to the Real Bar! It’s my new best friend. It’s a “whole food alternative energy bar designed to deliver delicious, pure, instant fuel for active bodies.” I saw these bars at the Union Market in Carroll Gardens and my first thought was that I really like the packaging, right? They have a non-vegan bar but then right next to it was the vegan bar! I’m a sucker for vegan products I’ve never had and I’m a sucker for anything that promises energy. Plus, yours truly is training for my first 5K (remember: it’s not the number of kilometers that matters, it’s how miserable you are running them that’s important), so I totally have to eat stuff like this. It’s part of running people’s culture. 

Moral of the story: This bar is good! It’s got little bits of coconut so you can chew on it but it doesn’t taste coconut-y. It’s chocolatey but not like smooth chocolate, more like healthy chocolate. But yummy healthy chocolate! And it’s got a nice salty note at the end. I do not know if it gave me a ton of energy but I do know the 2 oz. bar has 8 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber—yowza! That’s what we running people need. 

It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and a bunch of other stuff. I know some of you will like that! It’s not on the Food Empowerment Project’s list, but I’ve submitted The Real Bar to them and I’ll let you know when they have an answer on that.

The Real Bar is available in a few places around New York but you can also order them online. I recommend them for your energetic sweet tooth!

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