Remembering the Turlock chickens: Watch a video and sign a petition!   »

Remember the Turlock Hens? Silly question, of course you do. How could you forget feeling like your heart was literally being ripped out of your chest after reading the story of the 50,000 chickens left to starve in California’s Central Valley?

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary has begun an online petition drive through The petition is asking for the prosecution of Andy Keung Cheung, by the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s office, for willfully starving 50,000 hens for two weeks. The goal is 10,000 signatures, and as of publication of this post, there are almost 3,800. Read more about it and sign the petition here.

Harvest Home also made a short video of the hens before they were rescued. It’s sad stuff. The hens are hungry, and some are dead, and it is very upsetting to be part of a species that lets this kind of thing happen.

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on]

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