10 best vegan-friendly restaurants in LA! Let’s all move there! I’m serious! Mostly!  »

LA Weekly just published a list of the 10 best vegan-frendly restaurants in Los Angeles. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Want to road trip down this weekend to try them all so you can tell them what they got wrong on Monday? Arguing on the internet is literally THE BEST.

[Chicken and Waffles from Flore Vegan heeeeyyyyy!]

Seriously, I love LA. Like Randy Newman before me, I am a fat white person who hates short people and loves Los Angeles. They’ve got the hot-ass weather (BUT ALSO BOYS IN SPEEDOS ROWR), terrible celebrities (BUT ALSO BRUCE VILANCH), air pollution (GLORIOUS SUNSETS), unbearable traffic (MORE TIME TO BUMP THAT GROOVE), mad delicious vegan reubens (NOTHING ELSE TO SAY HERE), the lovely quarrygirl (SHE’S STILL BRINGING THE DELICIOUS EATS, SON!), my three best friends in the whole world (hi ladies!), and what else? Me, this weekend! That’s right, Los Angeles — I’m coming to gitcha. Let’s eat the damn thing. 

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