SF SPCA starts new campaign against puppymills and we like it!  »

The SF SPCA has a new anti-puppymill campaign and it’s pretty cool so far, and they promise more cool stuff to come! They’ve partnered with ad agency BBDO to create this great fake puppymill ad. I know some nice BBDO people in their New York office; this is the same agency that ingeniously autocorrects monkeys out of their writers’ scripts.

This campaign was inspired by some sad discoveries the SF SPCA made:

A recent SF SPCA survey of San Francisco dog owners showed that buying online was the number-one place where people got their dogs. The survey showed that approximately 30 percent of puppies purchased in San Francisco are from puppy mills. 51 percent of those who purchased dogs online would not knowingly purchase from a puppy mill, yet 19 percent don’t know about puppy mills; hence the need for education.  

Jeez louise. Puppymills are so depressing. I’m worried my Figgy came from a one but I have no idea. He was a purebred-looking stray in Pennsylvania—home of the Amish puppymill industry. As you probably know, if they don’t sell them as puppies, puppymills have no use for male dogs. The females can be turned into baby-machines, but the boys? Why spend effort and money taking care of bunch of male dogs you brought into the world when one or two can impregnate all the girl dogs on their own? They usually just kill the extra males (and we’re not talking euthanasia!), but maybe Fig broke free and set out on his own. Totally Fivel of him. 

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