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I am totally stereotyping you based on your dietary habits, but I would guess that most of you Vegansaurus readers fall somewhere in the “not retarded” side of the political spectrum. With a notable Ron Paul/libertarian contingent in there somewhere (I’m looking at you, Silicon Valley!) (Also, WTF is wrong with you? That dude is an anti-gay, anti-women’s rights bigot who looks like a living toothpick, and Ayn Rand was a delusional social Darwinist and, more importantly, a crappy writer!). So, what I’m saying is: you should totally go watch the new Michael Moore film!

Capitalism: A Love Story is Moore’s least partisan, most personal, and most common-sense film yet. And also probably the most radical, ‘cause he wants to get rid of the Stock Exchange, but hey—I’m poor and don’t own any stocks so whatevs. I know tons of people who agree with Moore’s ideas love to complain about his way of presenting them, but to you folks I say: uh, if you don’t like your progressive facts sprinkled with humor and blatant expression of the author’s opinion, then why are you reading Vegansaurus?

Anyways, in Moore’s most recent post to his website, “Michael Moore’s Action Plan: 15 Things Every American Can Do Right Now,” he lists 14 things that anybody can do to fight the destructive cycle of corporate greed, and ends with the duh-but-friendly advice, “Take care of yourself and your family.” Among Moore’s recs: get enough sleep, be nice, read books, and eat “mostly plants.” Although Moore doesn’t come out and say that veganism is where it’s at, hey, it’s a start! As Vegansaurus’ head honcho wisely said, “We need to reach out to Moore, not attack him for being a live-action Hamburglar.” Yeah, it’s hard to reach out to someone you can’t even put your arms around, but dude-–the most successful documentary filmmaker in history is advocating a plant-based diet! Woo hoo! There’s been a sort of contentious relationship between Moore and Animal Rights folks because of stuff like this but let’s put that behind us because he can and should be a great ally.

Mad thanks to Ben Pearson for his ability to leave the house and watch movies and report on shit for us. You’re doing better than the rest of us, sir.

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