Farm Sanctuary’s Walk for Farm Animals!  »

The Walk for Farm Animals is an amazing thing. Basically, people sign up to walk and then get sponsors and all the money goes to animals rescued from factory farms and to educating the public about said farms. Important stuff! The walks take place all over the U.S., and the San Francisco walk is happening this Saturday, Oct. 24 and we want to help fellow bay area bloggers/badass vegan sisters, The Sisters Vegan, raise some mickey fickey funds for the animals!

They’re currently at $105 in donations and they want to make it to $250. Let’s get them there or even PAST THAT! Every penny goes to Farm Sanctuary and right now, they realllllly need the money. Let’s be generous, it’s the HOLIDAYS (It’s true! The Walgreens candy aisle told me so!). Donate here today!

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