Five minutes of snuggling baby bunnies! This is “Baby Bunnies with an Epic Sountrack,” by Ian Elwood. If you loved this (and what kind of heartless bastard doesn’t love baby bunnies), you’ll love all his videos, they’re sweet and heartwarming.

About this video, Ian says:

These babies were born shortly after rescue at the municipal shelter, so the birth couldn’t be prevented. Momma bunny was confiscated by animal control from an Oakland resident who was raising them in squalid conditions for meat.  The local animal rescue community intervened, and we were able to save all of the rabbits from slaughter. Here are (depressing) photos and a newscast from that situation.

Oakland is considering allowing residents to keep rabbits in their backyard as “farm animals.” And we all know what that means. Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter is working hard to protect all of Oakland’s animals, please support this important work by following on Facebook.

This video will be on loop all day at Vegansaurus HQ, and for ALL TIME in our hearts. Thanks, Ian!

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