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It’s finally here: Natalie Portman’s episode on Top Chef. No joke, our post on Natalie Portman guesting on Top Chef is our most popular ever. Never doubt the ability of dudes to Google the shit out of their out-of-reach crushes they will never get to sleep with!

Her vegan-ness is still up for some debate, and even the teaser clip (which you can watch below), doesn’t reveal what her dietary restrictions will consist of, whether it’s just a vegetarian dish or a full-on vegan meal. What’s funny is that the chefs get sent to Craftsteak, Tom Colicchio’s steakhouse, and all get boners over the variety of meat available in the kitchen, only to have them hopelessly deflated by Natalie. Usually it’s the opposite in her case, right?

Will you be watching?!

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