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HELLO VEGANSAURS! My evil computer of doom BROKE on me this time last Monday, and I was completely away from the internet for five entire 24-hour periods! It was TERRIBLE, I almost DIED. Just kidding, I read a lot and watched a ton of television and it was both isolating and restful, I dunno. But I’m BACK, and I missed you SO MUCH!

Here is some breaking news for you: On Wednesday, Oct. 28 the Humane Society is hosting a town hall meeting in San Francisco, and it’s free to the public! Just like politicians! Remember a year ago, before Prop. 2 passed, and one of the anti-animal-rights Big Agriculture demons’ arguments against Prop. 2 was that HSUS is “a Washington lobbying group,” which meant that the Humane Society was basically Big Tobacco, with animals? A (late, unnecessary) reply might be: have you ever heard of Big Tobacco or Big Health Insurance holding open fora? Do you think you’ll ever get to meet the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield or Unilever, and ask him (check those links they are both dudes) questions, to his face? Ha ha NO WAY, LADY. Sorry to rock your binary world but: not all lobbying groups are evil, and (duh) HSUS is really quite good.

You have until tonight, Monday Oct. 26, to RSVP, and you must RSVP to attend, so get on that! The event runs from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at 888 Howard St. at 5th Street. Doors open at 7 p.m. There may or may not be snacks, but there will definitely be Wayne Pacelle, whom we love very much.

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