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Since Mission Burger has opted to discontinue their much-lauded vegan burger, they’ve invited their loyal customers, already desperate for its return to email them for the recipe. We did just that, and now we’re sharing it with you! They are actually really lovely people and if we are super duper nice and let them know how much we love (read: NEED) the vegan burger, perhaps one day, it shall return. And maybe it might be a little different or a little more expensive but one thing is for sure, these fools can make the crap out of a vegan burger so let’s stay on their side and hope, one day, they will again give us what we want (read: NEED)!

Roll up your sleeves, there’s some labor involved in this one! But it is a labor of love and on the other side of the mountain, there is some seriously amazing shit. And by shit, I mean 70 vegan burgers HELL YEAH.

Makes 70 patties. Oh shut up, I know you can eat that many, fatty!

OH, SNAP. You have to email them to get the recipe. DO IT UP!

Thank you to Mission Burger! You rocked our world for a few short months and we’ll always remember the summer of ‘09 in a way that rivals only sex-filled summer camp romps. Which we never had so what I’m saying is, that burger was the best thing that ever happened to us.

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