“ Some people may still think it’s OK to burn, shock, poison, starve, drown, and inflict brain damage on animals in laboratories, but polls show that the majority of us don’t. We’ve evolved. We don’t think it’s acceptable to keep monkeys constantly thirsty to make them cooperate in exchange for a sip of juice or to force mice to swim to the point of exhaustion and drowning in order to simulate human depression. Thanks to video footage taken inside laboratories by PETA during undercover investigations, the entire public perception of animal experimentation has changed, and we want a better, more humane bang for our buck. „

Bill Maher on the new release of Ingrid Newkirk’s Free the Animals. Go read the whole thing on HuffPo and tell me what you think. I don’t like a lot of their advertising but PETA has done quite a bit in other arenas. 

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