Lady Gaga has a new meat dress; I’m torn between disgust and indifference  »

Yes, this is Lady Gaga’s new meat dress. I find it disgusting but I’m also like, um, it’s no worse than a leather dress. Then again, leather is made of animals but it’s kind of hush-hush; people like to pretend it comes from a tree, whereas this dress is a celebration of killing animals. Then again-again, maybe it’s better to stick it in their faces, like yeah, this is totally gross, but it’s no different than your leather dress.

Those giant meat things around her, those are fake, right? They look fake but I don’t know, meat looks crazy. If they were real, I’d be like eff you to effing hell. 

God! I hate everybody! Why can’t they just stop torturing animals? They get mad AT ME for being vocal about my veganism, and I’m like, OK, what’s something that actually upsets you? How about sex trafficking? What if sex trafficking was in your face every waking hour and everyone you know and love isn’t just compliant, they are standing in a line leading out of the brothel eagerly awaiting their turn. Fuck.

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