Special for veg-friendly omnivores: get a job!  »

The SF Weekly recently laid off its restaurant critic, and is searching for a new one. Want the job? We want you to have it! Obviously, we can’t; that’s why we have Vegansaurus, right? Right. But you, careful, considerate omnivores who for whatever reasons haven’t given up your animal-unfriendly diets yet, certainly could!

I know, it sounds insane, vegans encouraging you to eat meat. Well, we’re not, exactly; what we’re thinking is, we need more mainstream restaurant critics who enjoy vegan food, and understand that you can eat very well without animal products. If you’re going to have to review new dead-cow and dead-fish restaurants, you could try the veg options at those places, or at least note if there are any. I tend to skip the reviews in publications of all sizes, not just because they almost never review vegetarian or vegan restaurants, but because they usually don’t even address the concept of not eating animal products. People like us are left to figure everything out for ourselves, which is ridiculous; if you want to increase your audience (I’d say “sell more papers” but the Weekly is free), broaden your range. Include us. Our demographic spends a lot of money on food; we’re interested in what’s new and delicious, and we love to read good food writing. How about throwing us something other than a bone?

So omnivorous readers, and readers with omnivorous friends, what do you say? An actual writing job has opened up at an actual publication; all you eligible people should apply, already.

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