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Our friends over at Mission Mission have a review up of the Buffalo Girls at Weird Fish, and they are none too pleased! Have you been there, since they brought back the Buffalo Girls? What do you think? I feel like I haven’t heard anything positive said about Weird Fish for the last two years. I had the vegan fish and chips basket there once, on an OK Cupid date, but then I stayed away for a year because that date made me feel awkward (as everything in life does) and so over internet dating (Lie—I went on three more Ok Cupid dates before I came to that conclusion). But the basket was delicious! Eventually I went back, with a guy I was actually dating, and the basket was off the menu! I was so sad. Then the relationship ended and I didn’t need to be reminded of our awkward (See! I think it’s me) yet endearing date there, so I haven’t been back. OMG I’m going to die alone but also, is there any reason to go to Weird Fish these days? Are any vegans enjoying themselves there?

[“Then” photo via To Live and Eat in LA; ”Now” photo via Mission Mission]

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