Hey NYC: Cinnamon Snail is a delicious vegan food truck!  »

This is my art director Landen at the moment he realized he brought no cash. Silly Landen!

Yay! I finally got to go to Cinnamon Snail! This New Jersey-based food truck has been making the rounds in NYC and I finally got to check it out when they were in Flatiron last week. Bonus: they were being filmed by the Food Network, so I may be even more famous than I already am! Other bonus: It was raining like cray and kind of hell, but it was like a lil’ adventure!

Let’s get down to business: the food = delicious! I got the special of the day, the roasted tofu pesto sandwich. It was hella good. I forget what my partner Landen got but he was into it. He also got the Mexican chocolate donut. I didn’t get a picture but I got to try it and it was DAMN GOOD! Like, approaching Ronald’s-good. I love all vegan donuts but so often they are cakey instead of soft, tangy, old-school donuts. This donut was old-school and yum. And because I am the nicest ever, I got my other coworker the lemongrass five-spice seitan sandwich and he said it was awesome. 

This is a terrible pic of my sandwich; I didn’t have my real camera and the lighting in my office is plain silly. But trust: it was good!

In conclusion: Cinnamon Snail rules! If you want to keep up on when and where Cinnamon snail will be in NYC, follow their twitter!

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