Cops shut down Brassica Supperclub!!  »

This past Friday, the SFPD raided the beloved, the delicious, THE BENIGN Brassica Supperclub and forced them to shut down. OH HELL NO. Aren’t there real crimes going on in this city to focus on? Like rapings and beatings and shiz? A VEGAN SUPPERCLUB. Ain’t nobody getting sick from some cabbage, fools.

The weirdest part, some guests overheard one of the police say that they were vegetarian and that they wanted to stay and eat but couldn’t! I mean, how is that for bizarre? Oh and the cops MADE A RESERVATION. Way to infiltrate, po-po! This is more sophisticated shit than The Wire!

Anyway, not to get all Free Murat on your asses but, is there anything we can do??

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