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Once again, I ventured out of Park Slope to Williamsburg in search of vegan food. This time I went to Rockin’ Raw, a raw vegan spot. I’m not the biggest raw food fan because, well, I like hot food! And the day I went it was HELLA FRIGID so hot food was on my mind even more but I told my friend we’d go to Rockin’ Raw so that’s what we were doing. To appease my cold bones, I got red wine. That did the trick! For the appetizer, we got yam chips with this tart, cream-cheesy dip. It was pretty good. Some of the chips were a little break-your-teeth, but otherwise, a sound choice. For the entrees, I got the pesto, or “live pesto,” as it were. My companion Amy got their meatloaf special thing with cauliflower mashed “potatoes.”

I think my dish was definitely the better of the two; I love pesto and the spinach on top was really good. Again, it was cold, so I was a little sad but it was really good anyway. Amy’s dish was all right. The mashed cauliflower was kind of too tangy and the nutloaf thing was a bit bland. The wine was great though! Did I mention the wine?

We didn’t get dessert because we were full! But the desserts looked good. The waiter was really nice, I might add. I would definitely go again; it was nice, and raw food makes me feel like I’m being healthy—before I hit the bars! I recommend the pasta dishes. AND THE WINE.

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