Fancy-Ass Thanksgiving Plans: Millennium!  »

If you’ve got the money, I’ve got the time KNOW WHAT I’M SAYIN GREAT NEITHER DO I.

If you are so inclined/filthy rich, you could spend Thanksgiving doing it up at Millennium. Oh go for it, you have no family who loves you anyway. I mean in the Bay Area! I’m not that mean! OR AM I, PERSON WITH NO FAMILY WHO LOVES YOU?? IN THE BAY AREA. Dang, paranoid!

OH ALSO SPEAKING OF THAT…if there are any stragglers around for the holidays who can’t afford Millennium, you’re welcome to come with me to my parents’ house. It’s seriously a blast. First, we will eat hella mashed potatoes, then we’ll hear my dad lecture about raquetball and/or aliens, then my four-year-old niece will feel you up, and THEN we’ll watch a movie! Probably something with an end-of-the-world or Strawberry Shortcake theme. It’s actually tons of fun, email me!

If you can’t/refuse to make it to either event, you can always recreate the Eric Tucker Experience with his pumpkin pie recipe (Thanks, VegNews!). I’d share mine but basically it’s exactly his only I came up with it first um yes that’s the ticket.

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