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Lots of blogs have regular reader challenges, but Vegansaurus rarely (NEVER) does, because we’re incredibly busy/lazy/busy being lazy and don’t have time for things like fancy cooking or travel or whatever. We have IRL jobs! And books to read in the sunshine!

Still, we know lots of you are go-getting action types, and most vegans are into self-betterment as a concept—what is a vegan lifestyle if not an attempt to be a better person—and we like it when you tell us about your vegan lives. We thought, why not try a reader challenge? We didn’t want it to be too expensive, or time-consuming, or super-annoying and impossible to start, because Vegansaurus rolls slowly and easily. Obviously it had to be food-related.

We all get into food ruts, especially during these lean years of low paychecks and high costs of living. I eat the same meals five, maybe six days a week. I must have gone through five pounds of quinoa and black beans in April, and I’ve been eating Dr. McDougall’s oatmeal packets nearly every morning since December. It’s cheap and convenient! But being vegan means inhabiting a world full of culinary possibilities, and although budget and time constrain our food choices, they don’t prevent us from being brave or creative.

What do you think? Should we all try a new food this month? It doesn’t matter what food group, how bizarre or mundane, as long as it’s never been in your mouth before June 2012, it counts. Record your results in the comments, or send me some proof. We’ll feature some of your more interesting foods in future posts, including some of our new foods. What if it turns out one of you has never tried waffles? Or edamame? Or sauerkraut? Once upon a time I had never had churchkhela!

Maybe it’s not a challenge, maybe it’s a dare! We dare you to try a new food. Something that grosses you out? I taught myself to enjoy raw tomatoes! Are you afraid of really spicy food? Or are you food-crazy and need to know it’s OK to eat mashed potatoes with tons of salt and Earth Balance? Whatever it is, you can do it! Just don’t forget to let us know, so we can praise you. Try a new food in June!

[Dragonfruit photo by Alice via Flickr]

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