Mad City Vegan Fest is THIS weekend! GO GO GO!  »

And it looks amazing! If you’re anywhere near Madison, you gotta go. The speaker lineup is outstanding, we love the Pacific Northwest (psych, I know it’s the Pacific Midwest!), and the organizers are hilarious and adorable and really fun, so you know the event is gonna be great.

You know how with some events the organizers are out of touch and weirdo mcbeardo, and then the whole event is just you eating melba toast and being depressed about the general state of veganism and maybe crying in the corner? I KNOW YOU KNOW. Anyway, this is the exact opposite, so go! Seriously, if I could go to one event this year and weren’t dying of a cold/crippling depression/lack of snacks, I’d definitely go with you! Live for those who can’t! LIVE, I BEG OF YOU!

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