Bay Area! Try Beyond Meat this week at Whole Foods!   »

Beyond Meat, the vegan chicken meat that’s more real than the real thing but not dead so fun, HAS ARRIVED!! Sample it this week at the following San Francisco Whole Foods stores:

Monday, June 11th: Franklin store (11:15am-12:30pm); Haight store (4:15pm-5:30pm)
Tuesday, June 12th: Potrero store (11:15-12:30); Noe store (4:15-5:30)
Wednesday, June 13th: SoMa store (11:15-12:30)

And then, look for it in the prepared foods cases* it looks like Whole Foods is gonna start making mad deliciousness with it! This stuff is freaky realistic and I think maybe it’s meant more for meat eaters but we gotta support because 1) vegans gotta be all up in it and 2) we love to eat! Hopefully if it gets crazy popular, it can be used to feed people in developing countries a healthy protein for cheap and people will start grilling this shit up on 4th of July and chickens will get to be happy and goofy and take dirt baths and lay in the sunshine and just not give a cluck! SO yeah: eat it, spread the word, make it happen. 

*I don’t think you can buy it like, in the frozen or fresh sections yet… but maybe soon??

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