Vegan lemon meringue pie from Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes in Melbourne, Australia! Even though only one of these adorable bakers has an Australian accent, which I found totally disappointing. We love Australians!

They are both exceedingly adorable, however, and I 100 percent want to make this pie now. Who doesn’t love a lemon meringue pie? Suckers, that’s who, and now there’s a vegan version, we can all be winners with our fancy fluffy pies. Hooray!

Watch more vegan how-to videos at Mister Nice Guy’s YouTube page, and check out their main site. Or, if you’re anywhere near Melbourne, go visit!

Disclosure: This is part of the delightful VegNews TV, and while Vegansaurus and VegNews are BFF, Mister Nice Guy contacted us independent of the fine people of VegNews! OK!

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