Take a summer produce cooking class with Millennium! Plus, a discount for Vegansaurus readers!   »

You know what’s awesome? Millennium, duh. What else? Learning to cook like the super-talents at Millennium. So how about taking the next Millennium cooking class?

On Sunday, June 24, Millennium hosts “Porcinis, Cherries, and Early Summer Produce.” Plus, Chef Eric Tucker will take you on a Ferry Building Farmers’ Market tour on Saturday, June 23, so you can “contribute to Sunday’s menu by picking out the most enticing and much awaited summer produce fresh from local farms.”

Sounds good, right? Produce-shopping happens on Saturday from 10 to (around) 11 a.m. at the Ferry Building, and the class itself is on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Millennium kitchen. Tickets are $160 per person—OR $145 for Vegansaurus readers, just mention us when you call!—and you can buy them by calling Allison at (415) 345.3900, ext. 13. Allison says that this would make a cool Father’s Day gift, which reminds us of that ever-applicable aphorism: Buy a father a dinner, feed him for a day; teach a father to cook gourmet vegan fare, feed all of you for a lifetime. You know!

[Millennium squash blossoms but digiyesica via Flickr]

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