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Milk and Honey—I know, not a very vegan name! But their website is the most fun you can have online without verifying your age! They contacted us because they make shoes in faux leather and faux snakeskin! I have a thing for faux snakeskin. And crocodile. It’s that glam-trash/1940s secretary thing. Maybe? OK I don’t know, I just love it.

The site is fun because they have this design-your-own shoe thing and you get to pick like EVERYTHING, from the toe shape to the heel height and all the materials in between. They have predesigned shoes, but the build-your-own is so super fun. This is my latest creation to the right. OMJesus, welcome to the hotness! It’s got the round toe, with the “modern spectator” add-on around the toe and heel. I’m into that spectator business. I went with brown faux leather for the shoe and brown faux snakeskin for the spectator part. Wow, is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? I SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL SHOE DESIGNER! I know, right? Totes. Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with my vegansaurus duties, I swear.

Milk and Honey was founded by sister duo Ilissa and Dorian Howard. I had a few questions that Dorian answered for us.

What inspired you to include animal-friendly options in your line?
We honor our clients who choose a cruelty-free lifestyle and love being able to offer high-end and fabulous animal-friendly shoes as an alternative! We don’t believe you should ever sacrifice fashion for compassion!

If you get a shoe made from animal-friendly materials, does that include the insole?
Correct, we line the shoe with synthetic material, use a synthetic lining and use a compressed rubber sole.

Where are the shoes made?
The shoes are all individually handcrafted in Hong Kong.

Are the glues used to make the shoes contain any animal byproducts?
We can’t be 100 percent certain that the glue we are using is vegan. ¬†We tried to use vegan glue but didn’t feel confident with the quality. We are working on this and do hope to be able to find a very high-quality vegan glue to use soon!

So is it definitely NOT vegan or are you just not sure?
We ASK that they use vegan glue, we are just not always confident that they use the specified glue—so we are unsure. We always want to be 100 percent open with our vegan clients with respect to our animal-friendly shoes!

Sigh, being a vegan is so hard! But I feel confident that Milk and Honey is doing their due diligence on the glue issue. Their glue situation is sort of the same one every time we go to a non-vegan restaurant and ask for vegan food. Plus, I appreciate the straightforwardness! Am I right? I’d love see the day when we can all be sure but for now, I’m comfortable with the vegan-ness of these shoes.

Now, go play with the design-your-own feature! You could waste a good many hours on there. I highly recommend it. And you KNOW Megan Rascal is NOT wearing ugly shoes!

WAIT! There’s more! If you enter the code “vegansaurus” at checkout, you get a 10 percent discount! Who do you love? HAPPY NEW YEAR, PALS!

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