Another WTF!? moment brought to you by Mission Street Food!  »

In celebration of and in donation to Food Not Bomb’s commitment to vegetarian food for the masses, Mission Street Food is serving a homage to pork! Seems like this would’ve been the best possible opportunity for a veggie menu.

I can’t tell if they’re stupid or if they’re fucking with us. Let me break it down for you, MSF: I can’t normally eat at your establishment because there isn’t enough vegan food to sustain me (I CAN EAT! also, there isn’t enough vegan food to sustain AN ANT. THAT IS HOW LITTLE THERE IS. AN ANT!) but it seems like a night where the proceeds are going to a veg organization, there could be some love for those of us who abstain from the pig carcass. I don’t know, just a thought. Maybe you could put some of that into your next dinner. ZING!


A pissed-off vegan who has defended your ass for too long but will gladly come back if you SHOW SOME G-D COMMON SENSE and also BRING BACK THE VEGAN MISSION BURGER YOU ALL LOOK REALLY NICE TODAY.

p.s. I’d like to note that everyone always defends MSF by being all, “But they donate their proceeds to charity!” After looking at their numbers (kinda difficult, they’re not recorded any one place, you gotta look at specific entries and add that shit up. math whiz, yo!), it seems like really not very much money is made for charity at all. DANG, LAURA, COLD-BLOODED!!! Okay, whatever, I’m not going to knock them because really when it comes to donations, every little bit counts, but I mean, look at the SF Vegan Bakesale, a way more podunk operation: we were able to raise $2,600 for charity in 3 1/2 hours. What I’m saying is, fuck these guys, come buy a cupcake on Saturday!

Thanks to Joel for all this info and writing part of the post and ALL THAT JAZZ!

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