Need some Thursday heartbreak? How about a video of rescued fighting dogs  »

Thanks, Time magazine, I wanted to cry my eyes out before lunch. This video features dogs, primarily pit bulls, of course, who were rescued on July 8 in “the largest raid in history against the underground dogfighting racket” (there’s also identical¬†text and photos).

This makes Malcolm Gladwell and his “football is as bad as dogfighting” article in the Oct. 19 New Yorker seem¬†especially¬†ridiculous; as if a football coach would ever put human players in immediate mortal danger on a regular basis. As if football required the players to fight each other to the death. As if fighting dogs got the chance of a life, or were compensated for their efforts. COME ON.

"If these muscular terriers have a flaw, their defenders maintain, it is an excess of devotion. ‘Their love for humans is why this breed is in trouble,’ says [Tiffany] McBee. ‘They will take the abuse.’ Placed with the right companion, their devotion becomes a virture—as Helen Keller knew. One of her pets was a pit bull."

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