So Necessary: Crocodile purse, WITH FACE  »

Reader Andi was kind enough to send in this picture she snapped at the Detroit airport:

Oh my god, the HORROR! It’s a crocodile purse with the CROCODILE’S HEAD STILL ATTACHED. This is too much. Are those the crocodile’s legs, too? Jesus Christmas. Let’s all have a collective shudder.

Andi says this is part of a display of products that aren’t allowed to be brought in from overseas. Thank god! Then again, maybe if this were sold here, it would force some crocodile purse-wearers to see the origin of their headless bags. Could dissuade some people, maybe? I don’t know, people still buy “lambskin” products. I’m like, it says “LAMB” in the title, as in “baby sheep,” that doesn’t turn you off? Crazies.

Ok, I have to go vom. Check you later. Oh! And feel free to send me ugly, expensive non-vegan fashion. Thanks Andi!

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