They’re burying live pigs in South Korea  »

Seriously: 1.4 MILLION of them
. Because everyone wants their cheap meat more than they want to pay for the vaccinations to keep the animals alive long enough to slaughter and eat them. I don’t really want to write much more on this because pretty soon it’ll be impossible for me to see the computer screen through my tears but I think everyone should know. I hope everyone who order their $5 Meat Lover’s pizza tonight knows that they are responsible for this.

I don’t really pray or believe in god or anything like that but I think tonight I’ll observe a moment of silence for these pigs. Afterwards, I’ll take some time to think about how I can be a better activist for all animals. Maybe everyone can do the same and we can come up with some really excellent ways to help animals? I can’t think of anything else to do. Oh wait, Marji let’s us know we can contact the South Korean Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the South Korea’s American Embassy so please do that, too.

I’m sorry, pigs.

[pigs in Bodhgaya, India by mikeemesser]

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