It’s Freezing Out! A Comfort Food Recipe In Approximations   »

Cold weather makes me want comfort food and for me, this means brussels sprouts. These green balls of joy are just SO GOOD when not cooked in the American tradition of boiled-till-they-fall-apart!

Make this. It will warm your heart:

First, make a pot of coffee.

Second, cook quinoa using one part grain to three parts water.

Then mince A LOT of garlic.

Saute it in a medium pan with a little olive oil while you cut like, 10 Brussels in half (lengthwise). Throw those in.

Chiffonade almost a handful of basil and add it.
Also, throw in a bit of cauliflower if you’ve got some, especially if it’s purple.

When this junk get too dry, throw in half a coffee mug of white wine (or malt liquor), a splash of Braggs (or soy sauce), a little turmeric, and maybe even some cumin.

Mix everything together (not with yo’ hands!) and then toss in half a handful of nutritional yeast.

Cover the pan with something that is not plastic. It’s done when the Brussels sprouts are soft and the liquid is gone.

Serve over quinoa with fresh lime, a cup of coffee, and a cute plate.

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