The Body Shop has limited-edition, cruelty-free makeup, endorsed by Lily Cole!  »

Two things I love, you guys: cruelty-free makeup, and Lily Cole! As a wide-faced red-haired person, I’ve always wanted to look less Cabbage Patch Kid and more Lily Cole, but genes work in mysterious ways. (They are also why I’m not a supergenius like Megan Rascal.)

The point is, the Body Shop has put out a line of vegan┬ámostly cruely-free makeup, endorsed by Lily Cole, which includes lip stuff, cheek stuff, and accessories, and it seems reasonably priced. It contains “no bug shells, no fish scales, no animal hair,” which is how all beauty products should be, but aren’t, because people are lazy jerks who don’t want to evolve. Unfortunately some of it contains beeswax and lanolin. Thanks to our commenters for reading better than me.

Affordable, mass-produced, readily available vegan nearly cruelty-free makeup! Just delightful. It looks like Ecouterre has previews of some of the products that aren’t available on the Body Shop’s website yet, so check them out, get to the mall, take a couple laps, and head into the Body Shop to demand they sell you all of the pretty vegan — as in, not the non-vegan stuff — makeup, toute de suite.

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