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I’m going to try and say this nicely, because I know some of the Vegansaurs may fall into this camp, but people who don’t like Dr. Cow vegan nut cheeses are batshit crazy! Yeah, it’s been around for a while, but having read some of the disparaging comments some of the more senior Vegansaurs have written, I felt like someone needed to step in and give a Fair and Balanced (TM) account of the vegan world’s most expensive cheese.

Dr. Cow is a small, Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based company that got its start making, of all things, granola. According to their website, these crazy fools came had some kind of epiphany about eating whole, living, vegan foods, and so, bless their hearts, they began experimenting with vegan-cheese-making. Unlike a lot of other vegan cheeses, which tend to be made by some combination of any of throwing a bunch of stuff in an industrial-sized blender, cooking, and cooling, Dr. Cow uses probiotic bacteria in their process and also ages their cheeses. The results are little lumps of vaguely funky (in a good way!) joy.

Here in the Bay Area, we have four types of Dr. Cow available (from Rainbow Grocery): Aged Cashew, Aged Cashew and Hemp, Aged Cashew with Blue Green Algae, and Aged Macadamia (prices range from $6.99 to $12.49 per lump). Now, these are different than the wheels of Cheesly or Scheese or the blocks of Follow Your Heart—Dr. Cow cheeses are SMALL. They’re, uh, urinal-puck-sized (gross visual, I know, but it’s the only thing I can think of that size!), and they’re hard and dense. You don’t want to make grilled cheese with these babies - savour them on crackers or on a fancy-ass salad.

After having tried three of the available varieties, I finally took the plunge and bought a package of the Aged Cashew and Blue Green Algae cheese this week. I am a massive seaweed-hater, so I was worried that the algae might make the whole thing taste like kelp, but my fears were unfounded! Apparently, it enhanced my immune system and increased my energy, stamina, attention, focus, and mental clarity, and all without that fishy, slimy taste, so…score! In addition, this variety is REALLY blue-green colored (way more than in this photo), which I thought was neat. Like all Dr. Cow, this stuff had a stronger, more complicated flavor than other vegan cheeses I’ve had, and while I don’t generally like vegan cheese on its own, this stuff I could eat a whole lump by myself with no accompaniment whatsoever.

Yeah, it’s expensive, and I know as well as anyone how tight things are for many people right now, but next time you find a mystery $20 in your pocket or win the lottery, I highly recommend hightailing it over to Rainbow and grabbing yourself a little piece of vegan-cheese-lover’s heaven!

Not in the Bay Area? Never fear, you can see what all the fuss is about for yourself. Check out where you can buy Dr. Cow  on their website.

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