Gorilla youngsters foil trap, are awesome  »

This, my friends, is amazing. According to reports, some juvenile gorillas on a reserve in Rwanda went around dismantling traps set by hunters:

On Tuesday tracker John Ndayambaje spotted a trap very close to the Kuryama gorilla clan. He moved in to deactivate the snare, but a silverback named Vubu grunted, cautioning Ndayambaje to stay away, Vecellio said.

Suddenly two juveniles—Rwema, a male; and Dukore, a female; both about four years old—ran toward the trap.

As Ndayambaje and a few tourists watched, Rwema jumped on the bent tree branch and broke it, while Dukore freed the noose.

The pair then spied another snare nearby—one the tracker himself had missed—and raced for it. Joined by a third gorilla, a teenager named Tetero, Rwema and Dukore destroyed that trap as well.

How awesome is that? Hint: SO AWESOME. People have seen adult gorillas do this before but this is the first time they’ve seen juveniles do it. Unfortunately, this comes after a trap killed a young gorilla recently. So sad. The traps are set for other animals they say and people don’t even want the gorillas; if they get caught, they are left to die. So effed. I thought “bush meat” was popular though and one of the reasons mountain gorillas are so endangered? I don’t know, it’s so sad. But let’s not be too sad, let’s be happy that gorillas have once again shown how cool and smart they are! Go go, gorillas! 

You can check out the reserve and donate to the fund. And apparently, if you become a member or something, you get a gorilla ringtone! I don’t know what that entails but I’m so down. 

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