The January 2011 SF Vegan Bakesale: SUCCESS!  »

Thank you to everyone who came out and bought things on Saturday! You helped us raise $2,000 for the benefitting organizations, Mickacoo and Muttville.

A king pigeon modeled a fancy pigeonkini!

People were thrilled about these cashew-cheese-filled, chocolate-covered dates!

We went from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at which point the leftovers consisted of maybe three jars of Frankie’s amazing pickled carrots, exclusively*. Thank you to Speesees for letting us take over their sidewalk—did anyone take advantage of the 10 percent discount for SFVBS customers?

If you missed the whole sale well, first, TOO BAD, and second, you can still donate independently to Mickacoo and/or Muttville—they can always use the extra money. Us, we’re going to split that $2,000 to hopefully help out a lot of pigeons and senior dogs. We’re so grateful to every one of you who came, to volunteer, to buy, to drop off delicious treats and leave—you’re all lovely human beings, and we hope to see you in a couple months at the next one. If you want to be on the baking and volunteer list, email Laura!

*Next time everyone buy these because delicious.

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