Professor Paws presents Responsible Dog Ownership!  »

These children, who live in Guangzhou, China, are learning “how to make friends, with Professor Duoduo.” If I knew better, I would identify Professor Duoduo for you, but I like to imagine s/he is not one of the adult women pictured, but the shaggy dog standing between them. More canine tenure!

Responsible Dog Ownership was put on in June by Guangzhou Public Security Bureau got together with Animals Asia's Professor Paws, which is “a school-based dog education program designed to show that dogs are friends” that started in Hong Kong in 2004 and opened in Guangzhou in 2008. The PSB attended some Professor Paws courses, and suggested that the group put on a community-wide event, to educate adults as well as kids. “Promoting responsible dog care could reduce conflict between dog owners and non-dog owners, especially in Guangzhou where the number of dogs being kept by residents is increasing every year.”

Animals Asia says that the event went really well, though they didn’t provide specific information on attendance. The pictures make it look pretty charming, however.

Everyone learns to love dogs! Hooray!

[photos courtesy Animals Asia]

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