Groupon’s $12 for $25 worth of food at SOULEY VEGAN!  »

! Get this groupon RIGHT NOW and you can eat at the most delicious place on earth, which happens to be in Oakland just a few blocks from Bart (and my apartment, COINCIDENCE?). You can get dinner! Or brunch! OR THE BEST BURGER EVER, THE TOASTY CRISPY! Girl, it is fried tofu on top of BBQ tofu topped with their house-made garlic sauce and OMG GIRL, it will BLOW YOUR MIND ONE MORE TIME IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD. Ever since I started eating Toasty Crispy a week, my outlook on life has improved 100 percent, along with my ideal weight. It’s alllll good!

Further, Souley Vegan is serving BEER and WINE now so DO IT.

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