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Etsy has many vegan items for sale but guess what, they also have a whole vegan section (go over to for a chance to win a VeganEtsy grab bag!)! Their motto is, “we read ingredients” which is great because I HATE READING. So just for you, I searched all through this section to find some lovely Christmas gifts! Yay, I’m the best! Whether you are looking for presents for your favorite vegans or a vegan looking for presents for your fam, there is something on Etsy for everyone. Let’s check it out!
First, Etsy has a plethora of vegan baked goods available! And vegans will do CRAZY SHIT for vegan baked goods, let me tell you! For real, if you are trying to seal the deal with your vegan crush, order a half dozen of these jumbo vegan cinnamon rolls and I guarantee you’re in there! Jumbo vegan cinnamon rolls from thecupcakemint for $25.

If you have someone who’s more into baking, say a vegan cupcake freak? How about getting them this fricking adorable cupcake stand! Admit it, it’s goddamn adorable. This little beauty is from vesselsandwares for $20.

Now, if you are like me and all your friends are suddenly like, “OMG! Let’s add more people to the world!” then these super-cute diaper cover bloomers are just what you need. People with babies don’t really want gifts for themselves anymore (unless it’s like free babysitting) so you can totally just buy something for their kid and call it a day. And I know, it’s kind of like you’re buying baby underwear, which is a little creepy, but it’s totally different because for babies, these are basically pants. Babies have no shame. From Earthgroovz for $11.
Next we have a superdope necklace, the Dia de los Muertos skull-and-rose necklace from Sparklynn for $25. I kind of love this necklace and the charms are very tiny—tiny charms, so hot right now.

For the traveler in your life (no, I didn’t say flaky), how about this cute vegan weekender? All right! Ready to ship from PansyMaiden for $85.

One way we show affection is by keeping people warm (don’t question me!) and this neckwarmer will do just that! I mean it says warm in the title. Done and done. The “catch my drift” organic cotton neckwarmer from luxe for $45.

Got a musician in your life? Get them this cool hemp guitar strap! It’s got a shweet “flying crow” design. From islandprovisions1 for $48.

And that’s what I have for you today! Big shoutout to veganetsy! And happy holidays to all.

[All pictures from respective Etsy stores]

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